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From Light Duty, to Medium Duty to Heavy Duty - we manufacture any type Rescue to meet your department's demands! Our walk-around rescue is customizeable with many different options for storage and equipment.


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Our walk-in rescue allows the rescue to have ample storage space - along with an interior working space for the specific tasks at hand.


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Our Air & Light units are also known as our air supply units. The main function to to provide the department with extra supply of oxygen and lighting while on the scene.


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Resculance's are our Hybrid Type I Ambulance Rescue units!

Have the best of both worlds - Fire & Ambulance.

Great for the combined departments.



Ford F350/F450/F550

Chevrolet 3500/4500/5500HD

Dodge 3500/4500/5500

Freightliner M2

International MV607

Peterbilt 348

4x2 • 4x4 • Gas • Diesel


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